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Helping Out at Senior Housing

 | July 18, 2009 2:04 PM

Today our small group went to Lytton Gardens to spend a bit of time playing board games with seniors.  Originally our whole family was going to go but one of our closest family friends’ son was having a birthday party so Ji Seon and the boys went to the party.

The last time I was in senior housing was when I was a teenager doing a paper route.  The regular paper route boy was away so they asked me to do his route which was in a local senior housing.  I remember being quite affected by that experience.  Some of the seniors looked so unhappy.  One person asked me if they could have a paper because he’s so lonely.

My grandmother lived with us so the idea of senior housing was kind of foreign to me.  I am not saying it’s wrong, I just wasn’t used to it.

Helen and Victoria

For ninety minutes our small group played various games with different seniors.  At my table Victoria and I and Audrey, who organized, and her children played Disney Yahtzee Jr. with Helen.  We asked her some questions to learn about her life.  We learned for example that one day she and three others drove out to California from Pennsylvania and when they got here they decided never to go back.  But some of her answers seemed to contradict others.

Helen definitely seemed to enjoy Victoria who liked saying hi to Helen.  Having the children there was really great.  The children had fun playing games and the seniors enjoyed their company.  In fact it seemed everyone had a good time.

Victoria enjoying herself at Lytton Gardens

I think I might like to do this again.  Maybe I am thinking too much but as we get older it’s interesting to face our mortality.


You’re a taker

 | May 20, 2008 3:26 PM

During cell group we were talking about prayer and one person shared how God speaks to him and that often it is not always pleasant. He shared that once God said to him “You think you’re a giver but you’re not. You’re a taker.” His wife liked that one, said “I didn’t know God had a sense of humor.”

Anyway it’s rare that I can listen to what is God is saying. But I thought that was really interesting and could be applicable to me.


Once a month the fathers in our cell group get together, leaving our wives to take care of the kids. On a different night once a month the mothers go out while the husbands take care of the kids.

This past Friday night as I was leaving for our monthly mens night out, Ji Seon said to me “I’ll miss you.”

I replied, “Why? Because you have to take care of the kids by yourself?”

She said, “No. Because you’ve been funny today.” 🙂