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A Better TV Guide

 | August 7, 2008 5:26 PM

If you have Comcast then Comcast’s TV planner site is pretty useful.  I don’t often check TV listings but I wanted to know when the Olympics start.

By the way, isn’t it silly that the Olympics opening ceremonies starts at 7 PM regardless of what time zone you are in?  It’s already tape delayed enough, do you have to tape delay it another three hours?  I really would have liked to have started watching it with the kids at 4 PM, especially since it’s 270 minutes long.

I really miss CBC, they have the best Olympic coverage with lots of live events showing.  NBC’s, in my opinion, is subpar with all of its tape delays and overabundance of melodramatic stories.


Hurricane NeddyWhy don’t I believe in insurance? Because of Ned Flanders.

Maude: Neddy doesn’t believe in insurance. He considers it a form of gambling.

“Hurricane Neddy” episode

Seriously I do kind of agree with Ned Flanders. Insurance is a gamble and most of the time the house, in this case the insurance companies, win. I think the only time insurance is worth it is if not having it would affect your lifestyle. For example if I didn’t have medical insurance I may not seek medical treatment as often as I should. I think if I did not have auto insurance I may choose to drive less. However I don’t think having or not having house or life insurance would affect my lifestyle. Unfortunately in some states it’s law to have these kinds of insurance.