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11th Wedding Anniversary

 | July 5, 2009 2:24 PM

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary.  During church service instead of reflecting during communion I was talking to Ji Seon about when I first met her and how she still looks the same.

When I first met Ji Seon she was sitting in the back seat of my friend’s car while I was in the front seat.  I was introduced to her but she didn’t believe my name was “Frank”.  She was convinced I was “MJ”, another guy who happened to look like me.  The second time we met she insisted on seeing my driver’s license.  I was attracted to this spunky, irreverent college girl though a little scared that she’d be too tough for me.

That was thirteen years ago.  Since then the following things have happened in our joint lives.

  1. DSC_0406We have had three children.  Some people are insisting we have more. 
  2. We have moved four times including one coast to coast move.  We would prefer never moving again but Ji Seon knows I have a restless spirit.
  3. We have travelled to a few countries including Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and many Caribbean islands.
  4. We have been to many weddings and are looking forward to many more.  Ji Seon has been in the wedding party many times.  Most of my friends are through Ji Seon.
  5. We have seen a few musicals.  I remember taking Ji Seon to Rent and afterwards Ji Seon saying “Thank you.” and really meaning it.  Ji Seon now tells me she actually liked Ragtime and Les Misérables more.

I wish we could say we spent the day celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary but we won’t be able to until later this week.


I Like to Move It Move It

 | November 23, 2008 11:29 PM

On Saturday, November 22 our realtor, Rainmaker Properties, hosted a client appreciation event at the local theater featuring Madagascar 2.  This was the first time for Victoria, Isaac and Dylan to see a movie at a theater.  And I think it was the first time that I had seen a movie in a theater since Dylan was born over five years ago.  Ji Seon recently got to see a movie at a theater during a women’s night out but before that I think the last time was also before Dylan was born.

We arrived right at 10:30 AM as the invite said and realized immediately our mistake.  The theater was already almost completely full and we ended up sitting in the second row.  I ended with a sore back from looking up at the screen.

Lunch was hamburger and hot dogs with cookies and chips.  There was a raffle and we are hoping to win the 32″ LCD TV. 🙂

We were wondering how the kids would do because normally they don’t like watching movies, they find them a little scary.  They prefer more innocent fare like Dora, Cyberchase, Sid the Science Kid, Dragon Tales, and Raggs.  Dylan did just fine though he sat on my lap at the beginning with Isaac.  Isaac found some of the parts scary.  Victoria was not happy at all with being in a dark theater and Ji Seon had to take her outside and strolled her until she slept.  Isaac later left me to look for Ji Seon.  And at the end of the movie Victoria woke up so I took care of her while Isaac and Ji Seon returned to catch the last ten minutes.

Overall though it was a good time and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  Isaac and Dylan loved the song “I Like to Move It, Move It” and you will sometimes hear Isaac singing it.


Election Day

 | November 5, 2008 10:37 PM

Frank: Ji Seon, are you going to vote today?

Ji Seon: I think so.

Frank: If you’re too busy, you don’t have to vote.

Ji Seon: Okay, I think I won’t vote.


Frank: YOU HAVE TO VOTE!  It is our greatest privilege being part of the greatest democracy in the world.  We have to as Christians!

Ji Seon:  Okay, okay, I will.

Frank: 🙂

Ji Seon and I have laughed several times about this conversation.  In the afternoon we, the whole family, walked over to the voting station and Ji Seon voted while I waited and the kids played in the park.  I am happy Ji Seon and I participated in one of the most historic elections.


The role of the father

 | August 14, 2008 5:15 PM

I have realized the role of the father is to be selfish and the role of the mother is to be selfless.

For example I will be eating dinner happily and then I will say to Ji Seon “Did you eat?”

She will reply “No I was feeding the other kids.”

I will then advise Ji Seon to eat.  My role as the selfish person has helped remind Ji Seon to eat.

Or I will be watching the Olympics while Ji Seon is giving the kids a bath.  Ji Seon will see me watching and that will remind her to watch TV sometimes herself.

Or when the guys call me to play basketball I say sure and run out.  This encourages Ji Seon to take some time off for herself.

My role is crucial.  If I had tried to be selfless like Ji Seon than we would both be weary and spent.  But my selfishness reminds Ji Seon to take care of herself. 😀


10th Wedding Anniversary

 | July 8, 2008 11:47 AM

10th Wedding Anniversary

On July 5th was our tenth wedding anniversary.  We actually didn’t celebrate it then, we celebrated Victoria’s 1st birthday instead.  Today, which is Victoria’s 1st birthday, we were planning on going out for a nice dinner but I am not feeling too well, too much Korean food in the past few days.

Being married for ten years in some ways doesn’t feel like much of an accomplishment.  After all, as Christians, we don’t believe in divorce so being married for ten years is just a number.  On the other hand the divorce rate of Christians is just as high as the general population and marriage is not easy.

I love being married to Ji Seon.  She is warm, forgiving, gracious, kind, fun, humorous, easy going, loving, listening, etc.  On the other hand being married to me isn’t so fun which is why it’s a good thing Ji Seon is forgiving, gracious, etc. 🙂