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Catching up on my Reading

 | October 25, 2009 5:49 AM

I had not been on Twitter for awhile so October 13 was a big catch up day.  Unfortunately slavery has not disappeared since the last time I was on Twitter.

And Ji Seon left me for four days!  But fortunately she’s coming back this evening.  We’ve done okay, the kids have been great but I am a little tired. πŸ™‚

These are my tweets from the last several days.


  • Ji Seon says to Victoria "You’re so demanding." Victoria responds "I want so demanding." πŸ™‚ Oct 19 09:45:10
  • The wife is leaving me for four days. I am doomed. Please feel free to visit and help. :-) Oct 22 06:31:59





  • Prediction: Yankees in 5 over Angels, Dodgers in 6 over Phillies. Oct 14 18:53:24



Tweeting and tweeting

 | October 13, 2009 12:00 AM

I began saving my tweets in my blog on a daily basis so I can search for them later.  This is an example of my crippling perfectionism. πŸ™‚

The biggest news in my tweets was the announcement of baby #4.





  • In Surprise, Nobel Peace Prize to Obama for Diplomacy. I love Obama but this illustrates the Nobel Peace Prize is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Oct 9 08:15:16 
  • In South Korea, an Effort to Defend Unwed Mothers – Nearly 96% of unwed pregnant women choose abortion. Oct 12 09:13:05





Need an idea for a business?

 | February 15, 2009 7:23 AM

I haven’t gone through all 999 ideas but the idea of “Church issued credit card with automatic 10% for religious tithing” made me chuckle.

SAMBA Blog: Hamster Burial Kits & 998 Other Business Ideas.


Sleep Training For Better or For Worse

 | December 7, 2008 12:08 PM

I thought this For Better or For Worse cartoon, one of my favorite cartoons, humorously captured most families’ experiences with sleep training.


Business Ideas

 | August 8, 2008 11:16 AM

  1. health club for metrosexual asians (cool music, dark lighting, lots of instant noodles)
  2. costco and farmer’s market shopper
  3. handheld machine that translates Spanish, Chinese and all Indian languages (or at least Hindu, Tamil, Urdu and Bengali)
  4. robot that rocks babies to sleep
  5. video camera attached to glasses which records everything you see.Β  When you like something, you rewind and watch it on your glasses (this idea is copied from here).
  6. a pill you can eat that instantly removes a bad mood, preferably like a gummy vitamin

I thought this story was amazing. The video accompanying this story show the red panda suckling on its adopting mother. Have to say though the kittens are much cuter than the baby red panda. πŸ™‚

Rejected newborn red panda adopted by catRejected newborn red panda adopted by cat

A newborn red panda rejected by its mother in Amsterdam’s Artis zoo has been adopted by a domestic cat, the zoo said Friday.

The cat is nursing the red panda, currently about the size of a kitten, along with her own four kittens, the zoo said.


quick fix spackleWhen you register or renew your registration, you get these colored stickers that you have to stick on your license plate.Β  The instructions say that you have to remove any old stickers and clean the license plate before applying the new sticker.

I began trying to peel the old sticker with my fingers.Β  I ended up chipping the paint on the license plate while only pulling off chips of the old sticker.Β  Finally I got a wide spackle blade which fortunately did the trick of peeling off the old sticker.

Then afterwards I started trying to wash off the old glue.Β  First I scrubbed with my fingers, then with a wet cloth, and finally with Windex.Β  Nothing worked so I gave up and just stuck on the old sticker.

The whole time I was cursing the California government for giving such cheap stickers that don’t easily peel off.Β  We taxpayers pay a ridiculously high sales tax and state income tax and they can’t give us better stickers! πŸ™‚


Verizon *228, 2

 | June 30, 2008 5:47 PM

Solid RoamI always forget how to do this and customer service said it is not documented anywhere on Verizon’s site though I did find a page about it, How to… Roaming Indicator.

If you dial *228 from your Verizon cell phone and then press 2 it will update your cell phone’s preferred roaming list. They recommend doing this every one to two months.

After my move I was getting terrible reception but after dialing *228, 2 the reception is better.


Where is a mailbox?

 | June 24, 2008 12:50 PM

mailboxI have been wondering for awhile where the nearest mailbox is. I don’t know why I didn’t try before but I just did a Google search for “locate mailboxes” and found this wonderful site, Mailbox Map – A google mashup to locate blue USPS mailboxes, Post Offices and UPS Stores. Now I just put in my address and I know where all the nearest mailboxes are. πŸ™‚

For your amusement here’s a picture of an R2D2 USPS mailbox.

R2DS USPS mailbox


Yesterday’s useless trivia question was How far does the average office chair travel in a year? Today’s useless trivia question is “On average, how long a line can be drawn with an average pencil before it runs out of lead/graphite?”

Here is how I tried to answer it.

  1. The average pencil is about 10 centimeters long.
  2. Each time you draw a line of about 1 centimeter with a pencil you use up about 1 micrometer of the pencil.
  3. Therefore when you have used up the pencil you have drawn 1000 * 1 centimeter which is 10 kilometres.

And the actual answer is:

The average pencil contains enough graphite to draw a line that is 35 miles long.

I did better yesterday. But at least I was around the correct order of magnitude. If I had started with a 20 centimeter pencil I would have done better. πŸ™‚