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This article, Google Analytics script, has a comment thread where people debate whether Google Analytics or WordPress.com Stats is better.  The consensus seems to be that you might as well use both and that though Google Analytics has more info it might be overkill.

WordPress.com Stats was easy enough to install and I could use the same WordPress.com API key for all my blogs.  The only issue was that to see the stats in my dashboard I had to enable third-party cookies in my browser (normally I don’t to keep out unwanted cookies).

Google Analytics took a little longer to set up but was still easy.  I had to create separate Google Analytics accounts for each of my blogs.  Google asked if I wanted to share my data and though I was suspicious I said yes because they said I would have access to other services if I did.  I then configured the plugin for each blog with the correct Analytics Account ID.  For this blog the footer does not call wp_footer(); for some reason so I placed the tracking script in the header.  For my professional blog I placed the tracking script in the footer since that is the default.

I have a feeling I am going to end up liking WordPress.com stats better because it is simpler and more tuned to the stats I want from a blog.  Below is a sample screenshot.

WordPress.com Stats screenshot

But I am glad I am also at the same time compiling stats on Google Analytics.


WordPress 2.6

 | August 7, 2008 7:01 AM

WordPress 2.6 was announced and below is a brief video tour of it.

One of the more exciting features is how WordPress now works with Google Gears.  I then followed these instructions to enable WordPress to use Google Gears after installing Google Gears.  Finally there is a further explanation of WordPress and Gears.

So far my experience has been that things are a bit faster, enough to dampen my urge to find a desktop client for writing my blog articles.


Where is a mailbox?

 | June 24, 2008 12:50 PM

mailboxI have been wondering for awhile where the nearest mailbox is. I don’t know why I didn’t try before but I just did a Google search for “locate mailboxes” and found this wonderful site, Mailbox Map – A google mashup to locate blue USPS mailboxes, Post Offices and UPS Stores. Now I just put in my address and I know where all the nearest mailboxes are. 🙂

For your amusement here’s a picture of an R2D2 USPS mailbox.

R2DS USPS mailbox