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There is this great Video Tutorial: How to Get Out of Your Verizon Contract Without an Early Termination Fee by Ely Rosenstock of Crastinate.com.

I enjoyed watching it, it is just over nine minutes long, and learning how, by using Verizon’s own wording, you can get out of your contract.  However it sounds like a lot of work, i.e. Ely Rosenstock said he spoke with five different people before his contract was terminated.  But I do want to get out of AT&T soon and use the lovely iPhone 3G.

Crastinate.com has a series of articles of Ely Rosenstock trying and eventually canceling his contract.

Verizon Ignores Customer Agreement, GameFly Does it Right – July 18
Verizon Update – July 20
Verizon Finally Agrees to Follow Their Own Contract – July 21
How to Port Your Number Without Paying the Early Termination Fee – July 29

Finally there is the AT&T Refer-A-Friend program.  Every time an AT&T person refers a friend, that person gets an AT&T $25 gift card and the friend does too.  If you don’t have a friend, email Ely Rosenstock to refer you so that both you and he get the $25 gift card.


Seafood Watch

 | May 21, 2008 12:34 PM

Seafood Watch

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a Seafood Watch program.

Your seafood choices make a difference! Our Seafood Guides can help you make choices that are good for you and good for the oceans.

In the West Coast Seafood Guide it says the best choices are fish like Alaska wild salmon, U.S. farmed catfish, pacific halibut. Fishes to avoid include farmed salmon, sharks, imported shrimp, Atlantic cod.

You can download and print out pocket guides that fold up and which you can carry in your wallet or purse for your next seafood shopping or dining experience.

Update 06-23-2009: Now you can get Seafood Watch recommendations on your iPhone.

get Seafood Watch recommendations on your iPhone