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Women walking in downtown CairoAccording to this Reuters article, Two-thirds of Egyptian men harass women?,

Nearly two-thirds of Egyptian men admit to having sexually harassed women in the most populous Arab country, and a majority say women themselves are to blame for their maltreatment, a survey showed Thursday.

The article talks about the possible negative effects on tourism.

The behavior could have repercussions on Egypt’s tourism industry, a major foreign income earner, with 98 percent of foreign women saying they had experienced harassment in the country, the survey said.

The article seems to be surprised that something like this could happen in Egypt.

Egyptian women and female visitors frequently complain of persistent sexual harassment on Egyptian streets, despite the socially conservative nature of this traditional Muslim society.

I think that the author is equating Judeo-Christian conservatism with Muslim conservatism when the two are not necessarily the same.


I thought this story was amazing. The video accompanying this story show the red panda suckling on its adopting mother. Have to say though the kittens are much cuter than the baby red panda. 🙂

Rejected newborn red panda adopted by catRejected newborn red panda adopted by cat

A newborn red panda rejected by its mother in Amsterdam’s Artis zoo has been adopted by a domestic cat, the zoo said Friday.

The cat is nursing the red panda, currently about the size of a kitten, along with her own four kittens, the zoo said.