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Boston Sports Scene

 | June 21, 2008 6:29 AM

In the past seven years Boston has witnessed six victory parades.

  1. February 2002 – New England Patriots
  2. February 2004 – New England Patriots
  3. October 2004 – Boston Red Sox
  4. February 2005 – New England Patriots
  5. October 2007 – Boston Red Sox
  6. June 2008 – Boston Celtics

As my friend Alan says, this is the “golden age of sports” for Boston.

Having lived in Boston for almost twenty years and being a sports fan I feel like I have gotten a pretty good read of the Boston sports scene. And honestly, though I am happy for the fans I would say that in general the Boston sports scene is a bit too “fantastic”.

Boston sports fan take their sports incredibly seriously.


  • raucous, sometimes entertaining sports radio
  • excellent local sports journalism
  • loud and enthusiastic sports crowds


  • fans are rarely satisfied
  • emotions run incredibly high
  • demands create an almost poisonous atmosphere

I have seen all the major sports teams in Boston and I think the Red Sox fans are the worst  I remember being shocked at my first game at Fenway Park with how fans acted. They were literally angry if the Red Sox were losing. I must admit I have not gone since their 2004 championship, maybe they have lightened up.

In contrast here in Silicon Valley, California people enjoy their sports but they don’t really care.  The sports scene really is the opposite of Boston’s but I prefer it.  I think it’s healthier, sports is just a game.  Unfortunately sports radio here is so boring. 🙂


Tom Brady loses Super BowlI was bummed when the New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl. At the beginning of the season, because of Tom Brady’s being, in my opinion, a dead beat soon to be dad and Bill Belichick’s win at all costs style I decided to not be a Patriots fan anymore and switched to the team of my new locale, the San Francisco 49’ers, whom I was a fan of back in their heyday. But as the season progressed and they approached a historical mark, 19-0, I became more and more of a fan.

On the day of the Super Bowl I only watched the final quarter. When Tom Brady threw the touchdown pass for the lead with less than two minutes left I thought the game was won, it was so textbook Patriots. Then there was the near sack, the miracle catch, and the Giants touchdown.

Anyway the point of this blog is to point out that the shirts of the losing Super Bowl team end up being donated to various charities like World Vision who bring them to majority countries like Nicaragua. I think it’s cool and shows what’s more important.

“Winning” Super Bowl shirts end up in Nicaragua